Dominique Sierra

My name is Dominique Francis and I am a Visual Artist originally from Decatur, GA. Although I’ve been selling my artwork for a few years, I decided to officially launch Art x Dominique Sierra in February 2019. This decision come about as I started thinking about my footprint on this world. Over the past few years, I’ve loss many loved ones at young ages, whom were just getting started doing great things in their lives. Tomorrow is never promised; therefore, I felt the need to start leaving my mark on this world; I don’t want to take this God-given gift for granted. I want to leave something tangible behind and I feel as though my artwork can make an impact in many people’s lives.


There have been many famous artists in our history whose impacts were felt long after they were no longer living. Because of that, the idea of having my pieces in many homes and museums while here and after I’m gone has become something I’ve starting thinking about more and more. It might sound a bit morbid, but it continues to keep me motivated. I enjoy drawing and painting different types of images, but my passion is capturing people. Every time I come across a stranger, I gaze at their face, imagining how I would capture the light and contrast in their face. I specialize in portrait drawings using charcoal and acrylic, watercolor, and oil paint mediums. Many of my pieces incorporate juxtaposition because Salvador Dali is my absolute favorite artist, so I love putting images together that seems surreal. I would say I am most proud of my consistency and the progression within my pieces. I believe everyone expresses their art based on their background and how they feel. We all have different perspectives, so what I choose to capture and the style in which I capture an image is what makes me special.  

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